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Aztech Precision | China

For several years AztechPrecision has been monitoring the trend for Tools being manufactured in the UK and China. Even though we want to keep the work here in the UK, we can understand the attraction for manufacturers to save money and have tooling manufactured in the Far East. There are advantages and disadvantages in companies dealing direct with China.

Savings in the cost of manufacture.
Shorter lead-times to receipt of 1st off samples.
Quality can be very good.

Communication problems
Quality can be very good but also can be very bad.
Accounts must be paid in full before tools will be released for export.
Many Manufacturing Companies who commissioned tooling direct from China have been very pleased on receipt of 1st off samples. It is only when the tool is imported back to the UK that the quality issues become apparent and costly to rectify.

Aztech Precision have taken all of these points onboard and offer a Project Management service with UK guarantee and support on our Chinese tools as we would our UK built tools. In May 2007 we visited many prospective toolmakers in Shenzhen, China and have chosen five for their Quality, Reliability and Cost.

We have now successfully managed several projects in China and have a good understanding with each of our contacts, they now know the quality that is expected. Aztech Precision would be responsible for placing the order with China and managing the tool progress from design to completion.

We would arrange the freight from China to our workshop and inspect the tool prior to delivery to the customer. Any faults would be rectified at this time. Any manufacturing faults would be rectified by Aztech within the guarantee period.